Scottish artist, Mark Gilbert earned a BA in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art in 1991. After ten years of studio practice, The Royal London Hospital, England offered him a post as artist in resident. There he worked in collaboration with maxilla facial surgeon, Professor Iain Hutchison and his patients. The resulting exhibition and international tour led to his next project: a two-year research project and exhibition entitled, “Here I am and Nowhere Else: Portraits of Care.”

As with all of Mark Gilbert’s work, the relationship between the subject and the artist is an integral part of the pictures he produces. He has a unique ability to connect and respond to his subjects and to reflect them in a way that is full and human.

He is currently a PhD candidate and completing his dissertation in the Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA) program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. His studies are focused in the interdisciplinary field of Art and Medicine.

Meanwhile, he continues his personal painting practice and is available for commissions.

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